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We are experts in electrical designs, installation and maintenance of industrial systems

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Our services cover the installation of domestic and industrial electrical equipments.

Inspection and audit of Hazardous Area Installations

We undertake the Construction, Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Power and Control Panels for power and control applications

Capability development in Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls

Sales, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Beverage and Water Production lines

Electrical Installation and maintenance for Oil and gas facilities, Filling and gas stations, Rigs and Vessels

Lease and rental of lifting equipment, Man lifts, Self loaders and Forklift

Outsourcing of personnel for Electrical Installation, Equipment operation and Maintenance activities for other organizations.

Installation and maintenance of solar and inverter systems

Electrical Engineering consultancy
Process automation Consultancy
SCADA Embedding and Development
Production/Manufacturing System Control Upgrade
Manufacturing Engineering Support
Production and Waste Management Companies
New Product Development Engineering Support.

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